The W.E. Hutton was originally destined to be traveling from Smith's Bluff, TX to Marcus Hook, PA to transport 65,000 barrels of oil. However, it found its final resting spot 3 miles southwest of the Suloide when this tanker was torpedoed on March 9, 1942 by the U-124. It currently lies in 70 feet of water. There is plenty to see of the remains of the ship including: boilers, remains of engine, two bow anchors and a lot of tangled metal. The wildlife found here is generally small fish and some large groupers. This site is visited on a Half Day Charter.

Name: W.E. Hutton
Date Sunk: March 9, 1942
Type: Tanker 
Depth: 70 feet 
Length: 450 feet 
Penetration: No
Skill Level: Novice
Sharks: Sometimes: Sand Tiger and Bull