Spearfishing and Lobster Charters

Spearfishing and lobster hunting with Olympus Dive CenterLobster, grouper, hog snapper, flounder, cobia, and triggerfish are several of the species the underwater hunter is likely to come across. Large game fish are present on many of our wrecks and are especially prevalent on offshore ledges and rocks. Flounder, too, inhabit many sites including those closer to shore, and are an ideal fish for the beginner, as well as the seasoned hunter.

For the lobster or 'bug' aficionado, Olympus routinely offers charters to sites commonly home to these evasive, but delicious, creatures. Larger than most seen in Florida and the Caribbean, it is not uncommon for divers to return with a ten- or twelve-pound catch. We stock a full inventory of equipment and accessories for the underwater hunter, and for the novice or aspiring hunter, we also offer instruction.

Spearfishing is permitted on the majority of our dive trips with the exception of sites containing large numbers of sharks. We have a fish cleaning station conveniently located at the end of the dock and our helpful staff is available to assist you with your day's catch.

In addition to our regular boat trips, please refer to the Charters and Pricing section to get information on trips designed especially for spear fishing, bug-hunting, or flounder-gigging.

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