PADI E-Learning with Olympus Dive Center

Start Your PADI Scuba Education with Olympus Dive Center Online

Want to learn to scuba dive and are looking for a flexible way to fit a course into your busy schedule? PADI’s online scuba programs are a useful option. You can get started immediately with the knowledge development portion of the course and work at your own pace using the PADI eLearning® system. This convenient, interactive study option allows you to learn anytime you have an internet connection.

Learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge and dive skills. PADI Open Water Diver Online uses videos, audio, graphics and reading to help you learn, plus short quizzes that let you gauge your progress, and then offers a review of anything you happen to miss. You develop dive skills during actual dives with a PADI Instructor. After completing knowledge development online, you’re ready to meet with your Olympus Dive Center Instructor for academic review session(s) where we will answer your questions and relate the information to real world diving practices. From there, it's time to get wet and become a diver!

There are two on-line options to choose from



Whether you're on the go or want to take it slow, you can complete the Knowledge Development portion on your home computer. It's a great match for an active schedule. Includes the eLearning access, certification card, logbook, Recreational dive planner slate, confined water training, open water training with a boat charter, access to an SMB and dive computer throughout training, and the use of the Scuba unit, tanks, wetsuit, and weights.

COST: $459.24





Start your diver education with the PADI Open Water Diver Touch on your tablet. The iOS version is available now and an Android version will be available soon. The Touch transforms the PADI Open Water Diver Manual into a truly interactive learning experience by incorporating all the knowledge development and video clips into one platform. You don't need an internet connection for knowledge development once you download the Touch so you'll have the flexibility to learn anywhere at any time. You will, however, need to go online to take the quizzes and access your online eLearning record.
Includes Touch access plus everything listed above.

COST: $459.24


Confined Water Dives – This is what it’s all about – diving. You develop basic scuba skills in a pool. Here you’ll learn everything from setting up your gear to how to easily get water out of your mask without surfacing. You’ll also practice emergency skills, like securing air from an alternate air source and helping your buddy. Your instructor will help you attain the skills you need to dive in the ocean. Plus, you may make new friends and have a great time.

Open Water Training Dives – After your confined water training, you continue learning during four open water dives in the ocean. This is where you have fun putting it all together and fully experience the aquatic environment. Your graduation dives for your underwater adventure will be from one of our awesome dive boats on a shipwreck!

Ready to enroll in our Olympus Online Open Water Diver course? Call us today or email Once you've paid your deposit we will provide you with your eLearning access code. Click here for our course schedule.

Need to start right now? Click here for PADI's elearning link. Once you've registered with PADI our Training Director will contact you with details regarding scheduling. Olympus will provide the logbook, Recreational dive planner slate, access to an SMB and dive computer throughout training, confined water training, open water training with a boat charter, and the use of the Scuba unit, tanks, wetsuit, and weights.

Cost: $290.24- (plus PADI's e-learning fee)
*The online course amount is nonrefundable.

*You will need to have your own personal dive equipment, including a mask, fins, boots, snorkel and gloves. Olympus Dive Center will help you choose equipment suited to your needs and we offer a student discount if you purchase these items from us. We give you the opportunity to try different styles in the water until we find the right fit. Browse these items in our on-line store.