Air & Nitrox Fills

Air and Nitrox Fills Available

Olympus Dive Center provides divers with clean, oxygen compatible air fills. Our air fill system features a 50 cubic foot-per-minute main compressor, backed-up with a smaller compressor and a large bank system. We can fill up to 20 tanks at one time to ensure a minimal waiting period for divers on the go. Our 'Haskel' booster ensures fills to the specified working pressure of high and low pressure tanks alike.

Tank Fill Rates

Air up to 99cuft $6.00
Air more than 100cuft $7.00
Nitrox up to 99cuft $12.00
Nitrox more than 100cuft $14.00
Custom mixes available


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre the inspections for your tank up to date? Is the Hydro up to date? If not, all you need to do is bring the tanks by our shop where we offer all the required services to get you and your tanks back into the water as soon as possible!!!

Our Nitrox system features a nitrox dedicated compressor/membrane system. We bank 25,000 cubic feet of EANx30 and 12,000 cubic feet of EANx36 to meet the needs of our customers, minus the wait associated with partial pressure mixing systems.

For the technical diver, we have a custom mix station that can full-fill your trimix or decompression gas needs including rebreather fills.