Cassimer shipwreck in North CarolinaThe Cassimir transported molasses from Baltimore to Cuba to be used in the rum making process. On the morning of February 26, 1942, the Cassimir was moving through a dense fog when it hit another freighter that was also moving through the fog, the Lara. There was a gash into the starboard side of the Cassimir, causing it to sink. During the summer, the water temperature ranges from the upper 70's to the low 80's. Visibility averages 70 feet but can get up over a 100 feet. Large schools of amberj ack and spade fish can be seen swimming around the wreck. Sea bass and tropical fish, such as the Queen Angel can also be seen regularly. This site is visited on an Extended Day Charter.
Name: Cassimir
Date Sunk: Februrary 26, 1942
Type: Transport
Depth: 120 feet 
Length: 390 feet 
Penetration: Limited: Bow Section
Skill Level: Intermediate
Sharks: Yes, Sand Tigers