Name: Indra
Date Sunk: August 4, 1992
Type: Landing Craft Repair Ship
Depth: 65 feet 
Length: 328 feet 
Penetration: Yes
Skill Level: Novice
Sharks: Occasional Sand Tigers
Indra wreck in North CarolinaThe Indra is our most popular inshore wreck. Sitting in only 60 feet of water, it allows for longer penetration and exploration. This wreck is also extremely popular for training dives as the deck is in approximately 40-45 feet of water. This 300-foot landing ship/repair freighter is sitting in approximately 60 fsw about 10 miles off Emerald Isle. This freighter was sunk as an artificial reef on August 4, 1992. This dive is loaded with aquatic life and ideal for penetration dives! Also, a EXCELLENT site for training. This site is visited on a Half Day Charter.
Watch a video from the Indra