Naeco shipwreckThe Naeco was a tanker that was torpedoed and sunk on March 23, 1942 by the U-124. The ship currently is separated into 3 distinct sections, the bow, the stern, and the pilot house area, and are all located a couple miles apart. The bow lies in 140 feet of water, and the stern sits at approximately 90 feet of water. This wreck is one of the most beautiful dives off the North Carolina Coast with a visibility generally at 60 to 100+ feet. The diverse array of wildlife at this site will keep a diver entertained for a long time with a large variety of tropical fish; bait fish, african pampano, amber jack, grouper, and sand tiger sharks. With Its location so far off the coastline, our charters only visit this particular site on extended days. This site is visited on an Extended Day Charter.
Name: Naeco
Date Sunk: March 23, 1942
Type: Tanker 
Depth: 90-140 feet 
Length: 430 feet 
Penetration: Limited: Stern Break
Skill Level: Intermediate
Sharks: Yes, Sand Tiger
A Shark Dive on the Naeco