Join us for Little Cayman in December!

Hello Divers & Water Lovers,

If you haven’t met me yet…my name is Dottie Benjamin and I am the Charter & Sales Manager for Olympus Dive Center.  We are returning again for another fabulous week of diving in Little Cayman this December!

Little Cayman is truly "the island that time forgot".  You can look forward to spectacular wall dives and clear warm blue waters that can be found in the Cayman Islands. To tell you a little about Little Cayman… it is rated as one of the top five dive destinations in the Caribbean. Gorgeous wall dives start at 18 feet (that’s right – the wall starts at 3 fathoms!) and descends to over 6000 feet. Healthy reefs and diverse fish populations make it a great environment for fish watching, photography and videography. Expect to see lots of turtles, nassua grouper, snappers, grunts, jawfish and the list goes on and on! I would love to show you all the cool little critters that make their home in the reefs around Little Cayman. I have over 5000 logged Bridled Burrfishdives in Little Cayman and I know all the hot spots!

We will be staying at the Southern Cross Club and they are ranked the #1 hotel on Little Eagle RayCayman by Trip Advisor and Green Globe Certified. There is a lot of natural beauty to take in around Little Cayman from the iguanas that have the right of way to the Red-footed Booby birds. Join me for a fun filled dive week in my home away from home – Little Cayman.

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Cheers, Dottie

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