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The MAKO TITANIUM knife is so light and compact you won't even know it's there, yet its titanium blade is incredibly strong, resists rust, and has the hardness to take and hold a sharp edge. The MAKO TITANIUM offers a multi-function blade that includes… - Read More

US$ 144.00

    EXCELLENT GENERAL-PURPOSE  DIVE KNIFE Stainless steel blade provides an efficient cutting edge and good resistance to surface oxidation.  An old adage among divers is, it's better to have a knife and not need it, than to need… - Read More

US$ 82.00

Mesh Cutter

The multi-purpose MESH CUTTER is designed to be used with a pulling rather than pushing motion. This provides much better leverage, more cutting power with less effort, and it increases safety. The ultra-sharp hooked blade plus shackle key make the MESH… - Read More

US$ 59.00