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US$ 220.00

Drysuit Diver


Olympus Dive Center offers Dry suit training for those wishing to extend their diving season, time in the water, broaden their buoyancy skills, and open up diving opportunities throughout the world. The course is an intensive two day event that encompasses the following: Academic review of Dry suit types, function and maintenance. Pool experience incorporating don and doff procedures, in water handling, safety and buoyancy control. The Open water experience will bring it all into focus with two dives in cooler waters.  Dry suits may be rented after successful completion of the course. Please visit www.whitesdiving.com for suit details.

Estimated classroom and pool time: 4 hours

Required dives: 2

Included: Instruction, manual, certification fees, drysuit rental.

Training is only $150.00 with the purchase of any Drysuit

Students will receive $50 off the purchase of a Drysuit if bought after taking the course

*Rental Scuba gear not included

Price $220 (Half Day Boat dive additional)

For more information email Mike at training@olympusdiving.com

05 Dec 2020 | 4 | 3

Mike Muller

Classroom & Pool
Sat 05 Dec 2020
Courts Plus Pool (Jacksonville)
Dive 1
Sun 06 Dec 2020
Fantasy Lake Scuba Park
Dive 2
Sun 06 Dec 2020
Fantasy Lake Scuba Park

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