The shipwreck Aeolus was sunk in August 1988 as part of North Carolina's artificial reef program. It is a 409-foot tanker that lies at a depth of 110 feet. As a result of hurricanes in 1996, this ship has been split into three portions, and has also partially been turned to an upright position--making it an excellent multi-level dive.  On occasion, the site has become inhabited by a few sand tiger sharks since the site has become a part of the artificial reef program. In recent years Aeolus has been a prime site for diving with sand tiger sharks. This dive site is visited on a Full Day Charter.


aeolus collage 2 Name: Aeolus
Date Sunk: August 1988
Type: Tanker
Depth: 110 feet
Length: 409 feet
Penetration: Limited
Skill Level: Intermediate
Sharks: Yes, Sand Tiger