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Ship Wreck - Aeolus

The shipwreck Aeolus was sunk in August 1988 as part of North Carolina's artificial reef program. She was built in 1945 and served as an attack cargo ship named the "Turandot" in the US Navy until 1947.  The Aeolus was repurposed as a cable repair ship in 1955.  The Aeolus is 409 feet long and lies at a depth of 110 feet. As a result of hurricanes in 1996, this ship has been split into three portions and has also partially been turned to an upright position--making it an excellent multi-level dive.  In recent years Aeolus has been a prime site for diving with sand tiger sharks. This dive site is visited on our Full Day Dive Trip.

  • Name: Aeolus
  • Date Sank: August 1988
  • Type: Cable Laying Ship
  • Depth: 110 feet
  • Length: 409 feet
  • Penetration: Limited
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Sharks: Yes, Sand Tigers