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Ship Wreck - Normannia

This 312-foot freighter found its resting place on January 17, 1942 when it encountered an unperceivable gale that originally caused leaks in the engine room, which spread throughout the ship's hull. It currently sits at a depth of 115 feet of water and is an unbelievably beautiful dive. Similarly to the Naeco, this site is only visited on days of extended charters, but is a site to see! The visibility ranges around 60 feet or more. The North Carolina aquadic life habitats the cavities of this ship and includes amberjacks, spadefish, baitfish and barracudas. Additionally, angelfish, lobster, African pompano and hogfish can be found throughout this dive site. This site is visited on an Extended Day Dive Trip.

  • Name: Normannia
  • Date Sank: January 17, 1942
  • Type: Freighter
  • Depth: 115 feet
  • Length: 312 feet
  • Penetration: Bow & Stern Section
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Sharks: Sometimes, Sand Tigers