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Ship Wreck - Bedfordshire

This ship was a 170-foot British converted armed-trawler. The Bedfordshire was torpedoed and sunk by the U-558 on May 12, 1942. The body of the ship is scattered in 100 feet of water. Then it was discovered by none other than Olympus Dive Center's founder and Captain George Purifoy and Mike Sheen. What was originally thought to be a rock, George and Mike were greatly surprised to find the "rock" to actually be the battered down remains of a wreck. Very little of the structure remains intact, however, the steering stand with the British manufacturer's name led to the identification of the wreck. This site is visited on our Full Day Dive Trip.

  • Name: Bedfordshire
  • Date Sank: May 12, 1942
  • Type: Converted Armed Trawler
  • Depth: 105 feet
  • Length: 170 feet
  • Penetration: None
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Sharks: Occasionally, Sand Tigers