Dive the Wreck of the Spar

Spar Wreck in North CarolinaThe Coast Guard Cutter Spar was sunk as a diver friendly wreck just yards from the Aeolus. Known as a popular spot for Sand Tiger Sharks, the 180 feet long and 37 feet wide Spar sits on its site at a 45 degree angle in 100 feet of water and is completely intact, allowing many opportunities for a diver to penetrate the wreck. This site is visited on a Full Day Charter.
Name: USCG Spar
Date Sunk: June 2004
Type: Coast Guard Cutter
Depth: 110 feet 
Length: 180 feet 
Penetration: Lots
Skill Level: Intermediate
Sharks: Yes, Sand Tiger

The Spar is a great wreck for penetration diving as it is very open and has plenty of places to explore. Divers who don't wish to penetrate often start their dive around the main wheel house and move forward to the main deck. Sand tiger sharks usually swim along the crane and divers frequently bring back a souvenir sharks tooth found laying on the wreck.

The Spar got its name from the US Coat Guard Motto "Semper Paratus, Always Ready" which was an appropriate name for the Coast Guard buoy tender commissioned June 1944. Making port at various locations up and down the Northeast US, the Spar was one of the most awarded vessals in the Coast Guard fleet and served in a variety missions during its 50 year service including submarine hunting and oceanography assignments. After being decommissioned in Feb of 1997, the ship was sunk as an atrificial reef off the coast of Morehead City.

Now home to Sand Tiger Sharks, the Spar is one of our most popular sites since it sits upright and has lots of opportunities for penetration.