Grenada 2012 with Olympus and Aquanauts

Beonca C Grenada 2012

Beonca C
Grenada 2012

We had a wonderful trip to Grenada in December of 2012.

After a failed attempt at diving the Red Sea we diverted our excursion to another wreck diving capital of the world, Grenada.

Grenada has long been known as the Wreck Diving Capitol of the Caribbean.  Sitting on the edge of the Atlantic and Caribbean, Grenada host some wonderful marine life and wrecks.  Last year I met Peter the owner of Aquanauts and was impressed by his friendly knowledge of the area.

I have heard for many years "You have to dive the Beonca C!".  It has been on the bucket list for some time but things like the San Francisco has beaten it to the bucket.




Aquanauts Crew with Renee

Aquanauts Crew with Renee and Rachel.

We had the best crew and the conditions were great.

We made wreck dives each day and snuck in a couple of afternoon and night dives to boot.  What else were we to do on a Tropical Caribbean Island but dive, eat, hang out by the pool at Aquanauts and dive some more.

All of the dives were great but I must say the Beonca C was awesome.  We did see some Lionfish and some really colorful marine life to go along with the wrecks.

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