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The Marine Life of North Carolina - Sharks

Sand Tiger Aeolus TH     Sand Tiger 1TH

Voted #1 in North America for Big Marine Life, North Carolina is home to the Sand Tiger shark. An impressive looking but a docile shark, Sand Tiger encounters are common occurrences in our offshore waters. Often present in large numbers, the sharks range in size from four to over eight feet long! Sand Tigers typically swim with their mouths open, smiling for photos, and proudly displaying three rows of ferocious teeth.

Shark Formation Tanya

"Observe these beautiful and fascinating animals in their natural environment."

Unlike shark dives in other destinations, we do not chum the waters or feed the sharks. Rather, it is a unique opportunity for divers to observe these beautiful and fascinating animals in their natural environment. The sharks are here year round and while they occasionally frequent all of our sites, they are more commonly present on the wrecks of the Spar, the Papoose, the Atlas, the Caribsea and the Aeolus.

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