proteus wreck now rests in North CarolinaThe Proteus is a 406-foot passenger-freighter which took its final position off Ocracoke Island on August 19, 1918 when she collided with the S.S. Cushing. It currently sits in 120 fsw with its highest part at about 90 feet of water. Much of the ship is still intact with several parts still intact such as a brass wheel on the stern deck and others. Visibility on this site ranges at about 60+ feet and the wildlife will leave you wanting more. Marine life found here includes sea bass, pompano, and several tropical fish (including the angel fish.) This site is visited on an Extended Day Charter.
Name: Proteus
Date Sunk: August 19, 1918
Type: Freighter 
Depth: 120 feet 
Length: 390 feet 
Penetration: Limited: Bow Section
Skill Level: Intermediate
Sharks: Yes, lots of Sand Tiger