Conditions Report & Upcoming Dive Charters at Olympus Dive Center

It's hard to believe that we are a month and a half into the 2014 dive season! The season so far has been filled with sharks, shipwrecks and returning dive friends!

Dive Conditions:
Summer hasn't even officially arrived yet and diving has been amazing! Offshore water temperatures are ranging between 73 and 77 degrees and our divers are wearing either a 5mm suit or even a 3mm suit. With the warmer water setting in, the clear blue water is arriving as well and we have had the chance to see the gulf stream the way that it is famous for!june 16 newsletter

Recent Top Dive Sites:
The U-352 is always one of our top requested sites and it has proved to be a spectacular site this year. Recent visibility on the submarine has been around 50 feet and we have been there several times in the past few weeks. We have dove the WWI wreck of the Schurz recently too and it is standing the test of time by bringing in large numbers of bait fish and warm blue water. Our shark diving sites have been amazing as well! We have had the chance to dive the Spar and Aeolus quite a bit lately and they have not disappointed. Several nice size sand tigers have been patrolling just inside of the Aeolus and our divers have had some great interactions with them! On the Spar the sand tigers have been sited all around it and we have seen some really great GoPro photos and video produced as a result of this wreck! Last weekend we took the opportunity to dive the Atlas and Caribsea. Although we are not able to dive these sites often, they are always covered in sand tiger sharks! Yesterday a diver who has been diving with us for 15 years said that she saw the biggest sand tiger shark that she had ever seen on the Caribsea!
Our inshore dive sites have been great as well with visibility averaging 20-30 feet and water temperature being 73-74 degrees! The marine life has been incredible on the Indra with divers spotting big fish like grouper, amber jack and a few cobia. A highlight of the Indra this year is that there are a lot of nudibranch's around the upper deck and photographers are having great fun with them! The Hutton has been a star lately for inshore dive sites. Our divers have had the chance to swim with a few nice size sand tiger sharks there and we have enjoyed getting some extra bottom time on the shallower sites!
Check out our latest GoPro video highlighting our recent dives!

Upcoming Dive Charters:
Full Day Charters: Daily. A Full Day Charter is 2 dives to ship wrecks with a planned depth of 90-120' of water. These sites are around 20-25 miles offshore and are recreational dives. Typical dive sites are: U-352, Papoose, Schurz, Aeolus, Spar, Hardee's, Caribsea, Atlas. Price for this charter is $130

Half Day Charters: We are currently running Half Day Charters every weekend and some week days. A Half Day Charter is 1 dive to a wreck with a maximum depth of 65' of water. Typical dive sites: Indra, Hutton, Suiloide, Titan. Price for Half Day Charter is $70.

Specialty Charters:
2 Tank Shallow Charters: A 2 Tank Shallow Charter consists of 2 dives to shipwrecks with a maximum depth of 70' of water. Typical dive sites: Indra, Hutton, Suiloide Titan. Price of 2 Tank Shallow Charter is $125 - Current dates for are June 17, June 25, July 3

Extended Day Charter: An Extended Day Charter is 2 dives to shipwrecks that are around 45-50 miles offshore to a depth of 90-120' of water. This is a recreation dive trip to dive sites that we do not visit often. Price for this charter is $155. Typical Dive Sites are: Naeco, Cassimir, Normania, Lobster Wreck. Current dates are July 14 and August 11.

If you have any questions about our upcoming charters please give us a call at 252-726-9432. Our shop hours are 6am-8pm daily.

If you would like to book a charter with us you can either do it in person, over the phone or by using our online reservation system.

We are super excited about this dive season and look forward to showing you why Olympus Dive Center is The Better Way to Dive North Carolina!




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